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Elders & Deacons

The Bible says that the church should be led by elders who are helped by deacons. At UCC, we are lucky to have these types of men who can preach, teach, guide, and lead us.

Jimmy Okello - Elder

Jimmy is the lead pastor of UCC. He and Phionah got married in June 2009 and were a big part of starting UCC in 2014. Jimmy teaches the Bible and he and Phionah really want to tell young people, especially those in university, about the good news of Jesus. They have two sons named Dawn and Micaiah.

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Pastor Jimmy and Phionah
Pastor Mo and Karen

Moses Odel - Elder

Moses is the associate pastor of UCC. He got married to Karen in October 2019 and they have two lovely daughters named Sarah and Rebecca. They have been following Jesus since they were young and really love and respect Him. They are very interested in helping young people become leaders, teaching music and worship, and working with children in the church. They really want to follow Jesus and help make the church's vision and Jesus' great commission happen.

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Moses Emong - Deacon

Moses came to know the Lord in 2016 in his first year at Gulu University. He's passionate about small groups, which we call Power-Points. He's the lead deacon and deacon in charge of small groups.

Deacon Moses Emong smiling.
Deacon Faith Anirwoth smiling.

Faith Anirwoth - Deacon

Faith was born and grew up in a Christian family. In 2012 she came to know the Lord when her parents shared the gospel with her. She's a multi-talented woman with many abilities.

Israel Okitoi - Deacon

Israel came to know the Lord in 2012. He has since walked with the Lord till then. He's the deacon of worship and passionate about leading worship.

Deacon Israel Okitoi smiling
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