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The Cross & The Virus: (Episode 1)-What Caused COVID-19?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Today, I began a 5-part Facebook Live broadcast to explore a Christian perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to everyone who watched it live and those who will watch it later.

I felt a need to address some things because a lot of what is being shared on social media, especially, is not verified information. As a result, many people are confused; not knowing what they should or should not believe about the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, in Episode 1 we explored the question: “What caused the COVID-17?

The question seems straight forward and should be easy to answer. But considering the conspiracy theories that are being shared on social media, we cannot have a one-sentence answer.

The conspiracy theories have created what some medical experts are referring to as infodemic, a pandemic of information. It’s actually making it difficult for experts to share helpful information to fight the disease.

Here are four of the most popular theories that are being shared. I’m sure, if you’ve been on social media, then your inbox or feeds are full of them.

  1. There is no COVID-19, it’s just fear-mongering.

  2. COVID-19 is caused by 5G technology

  3. The virus was created in a laboratory as a biological weapon.

  4. The pandemic was masterminded by Bill Gates to sell vaccines and microchip everyone.

History of Coronavirus

However, this virus has a history. Coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s but most information about it was only known by medical experts simply because little was known about the virus. But with the outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 in China, the public began to learn about it.

In around 2012 MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) broke out. This was the most deadly because it had a very high death rate. It infected 2,400 people and killed 800 people.

Medical experts say that there are 69 species of the virus, of which seven affect human beings and the rest affects animals.

So, this virus is real and we need to follow medical precaution. Wash hands regularly, maintain social distancing, don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes. I believe that adhering to medical guidelines will help us to stay safe.

Gullibility is not a Christian virtue.

What really breaks my hearts is that the church has become so gullible. The Church is so easily fooled into believing anything. Here are three quotes from Ed Stetzer, the Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College which speaks to this issue.

Ed Stetzer laments the state of the church in an article, saying:

As followers of Jesus, we are people of the truth. Falling for (and spreading) conspiracy theories does not honor the Lord, but it does cause people to question our judgement.

If you’re a Christian, truth matters. If we spread lies, then people will not believe us when we share the truth.

Sadly, Christians seem to be disproportionately fooled by conspiracy theories. I’ve also said before that when Christians spread lies, they need to repent of those lies. Sharing fake news makes us look foolish and harms our witness.

Sharing fake news is not an innocent thing. When we share fake news, conspiracies, unproven information, we do not advance the cause of the gospel. We instead help to make lies multiply.

God has not called us to be easily fooled. Gullibility is not a Christian virtue. Believing and sharing conspiracies does not honor the Lord. It may make you feel better, like you are in the know, but it can end up harming others and it can hurt your witness.

Gullibility is surely not a Christian virtue. Jesus gave us believers the power of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1:8 to be witnesses starting in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the end of the earth. We’re not to use that power to advance another kingdom but the cause of the gospel. God’s word calls us to be “wise and not foolish” (Eph. 5:16).

The Cross restores Shalom

The truth is that we live in a very dangerous world. God didn’t create it this way. When God created the world there was “shalom.” Shalom is Hebrew meaning harmony within one-self, between people, nature and God.

When Adam sinned, shalom was lost. So God had to send Jesus to die on the cross to restore shalom. That’s why we’ll have a new heaven and a new earth. When we believe in Jesus, the work of restoration begin in your life to restore shalom.

In times like this, we should be turning to scripture to dictate to us what to believe instead of turning to world events. The bible is a proven source.

Whose report will you believe, conspiracy theories or the Bible?

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