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What is PrimeTime?

PrimeTime, the vibrant students' ministry of University Community Church, resonates with the rallying cry: "Don't waste your life. Make it Count." This dedicated community nurtures spiritual growth, personal development, and community engagement. Guiding young adults through faith journeys and academia, PrimeTime's weekly gatherings blend teachings, worship, and discussions, empowering students to connect with God and peers. Ignite Campus Worship Night, Question Night, and Movie Nights offer transformative experiences, fostering worship, dialogue, and reflection. Rooted in University Community Church, PrimeTime shapes faith-anchored, purpose-driven students, poised to impact campuses and beyond.

Change the World

Our goal is to see students transformed by the power of the gospel and equipped to become the next generation of Christian leaders in the world. We believe that by investing in the lives of students today, we can help build a strong and vibrant church for tomorrow.


Join us on this exciting journey of faith and growth as we seek to serve and follow Jesus Christ together!

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