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Sunday 9am

In-Person and Online

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Worship in Songs

We normally gather weekly for worship every Sunday morning at plot 3, Jeng Tong Road, next to Gulu University. Our worship gathering lasts for 2 hours. Our singing is a blend of contemporary music and traditional hymns all centred on the gospel. Children normally worship together with adults and leave for Sunday school immediately after. 

Worship in the Word

Our sermons are scripture-focused and in English. The time for the word will last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. After our singing time, children are taken to Sunday school by their teachers or volunteers who support them. Your child(ren) will enjoy the worship experience prepared for them. 

A Cup of Tea?

After our worship gathering, please don't leave so quickly. Grab a cup of tea with some snacks and say hello to someone you've not talked to in a while. Catching up with what's going on in the family. 

  • Where are you located?
    We're across the road from Gulu University on plot 3, Jeng Tong Road.
  • What time is your service?
    We've one service that begins at 9:00 am and ends at 11:00am.
  • Are you a students-only church?
    No. We're a multi-generational church. We welcome students and non-students alike. As long you desire to worship God and hear his word, you're welcome!
  • What language do you use at UCC?
    We use English as it's the only uniting language for the diverse tribes, languages and nationality present in our community.
  • Are children welcome?
    Absolutely! Our UCC Children's Church is a fully flagged children's ministry caring for your child by introducing them to Jesus and teaching them to share the love of Christ with other children.
  • What domination is University Community Church?
    We're a Baptist church. As such, we're a registered member of Baptist Union of Uganda, the umbrella denomination that brings together all the Baptist churches in Uganda.
  • What should I where to church?
    We do not have a dress code. We recommend that you dress modestly according to the Biblical principles; keeping what is private, private.
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